Welcome to the website for me, Bo the Webguy, an Internet Road Map so to speak to many of the things I am involved.... some for fun, some for work, some for fun work. I can help your company increase exposure through Internet marketing and make the Internet work for you and not against you. My main focus has been on real estate. Some have referred to me as a marketing genius when it comes to the Internet and marketing real estate and new home construction. If your company needs assistance with a new website, needs help getting traffic to the website or would like to learn ways to get better results from Internet Marketing, then please contact me to discuss your needs.

Internet Marketing with Bo Gilbert

Bo Gilbert, MIRM

Bo Gilbert, MIRM

Are you looking for information about Bo Gilbert? aka “Bo the Webguy”? You have found a good place to start. There is so much on the web now about Social Media and Internet Marketing. I launched this page to tie everything together. Want to hire me to help you? Visit my company website Web Guy Marketing

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Entertainment and Event Promotion – Bo the Webguy has worked with several bands, clubs, and special events in the entertainment industry. If you need assistance promoting your band, club, or special event, let Bo help! Featured Websites: Jim Quick & CoastlineBeach Music OnlineBand of Oz

Email Marketing – Bo the Webguy has worked with several individuals and companies to create and manage successful email marketing campaigns that have increased exposure and generated traffic and sales. Featured Email Newsletters: Beach Music Updates

Want to get started? – The Web Guy can provide all the services you need to make an impact and see results in your Internet Marketing program, but if you want to check in to getting your own dot com, or think you might want to do your own email newsletters, please let me know.